Over the last 10 years, the EFL team has been developing and improving their Sexual Risk Avoidance presentation, called Pursue: Valuable Healthy Relationships. Pursue is designed for the classroom, typically in health classes, and works in conjunction with the human anatomy & sexuality unit. It prepares students for healthy relationships. We prefer to present in-person in the classrooms, but we can also accommodate for online learning. The presentation is adaptable to various school schedules (five 50-minute classes or three 90-minute classes).

Our presentation focuses on the importance of character development, avoiding all high-risk behaviors with an emphasis on avoiding all sexual activity outside the context of marriage. Our presentation prepares students for healthy relationships, healthy marriages, and reaching their goals. We discuss the realities of contraception, teen pregnancy and STIs, and also the realities of healthy and unhealthy relationships. 

Each school year, EFL reaches 6,000 students in El Paso County in 24 area schools, with presentation expansion in other parts of Colorado and Wyoming. We utilized trained volunteers and 2 staff members who are invested in the lives of students, and care about our community to present our programs in the classroom. We direct students to local and vetted resources, if they need help based on one of the topics we discuss throughout our program. 

Student Quotes: 

“I learned how valuable and important I actually am.” — 9th grade student  

“Your message was inspiring, so much so, that I dumped my abusive boyfriend.” — 10th grade student 

“You taught me how to be safe and how to stay healthy so I can live my life to its fullest. I appreciate everything you have done for me.” — 9th grade student 

Program Overview: 

Living a Life by Design & Choosing Healthy Sexual Activity | Day one begins by encouraging students to plan by setting goals and realizing that high school is a critical time in their lives. Students are taught ways to reduce and eliminate the risks of these possible consequences and are encouraged to make decisions now that will set them up for success and freedom in the future.

Developing Wisdom through Critical Thinking & Exercising Strength by Making Wise Choices | Day two addresses the influence of the media on our attitudes and behavior as individuals. The second part of this discussion focuses on some of the pressures students face as such as pornography, sexting and the influence of drugs and alcohol as it relates to sexual activity.

Setting Boundaries that Value Myself and Others & Showing Courage by Standing up for myself and others | Day three involves educating students on the importance of establishing healthy boundaries in their relationships, as well as equipping them with the communication skills needed to talk through their boundaries with their partner. In the second half of the class, students will learn how to identify unhealthy relationships and abusive behaviors.

Committing to Healthy Relationships by Setting a Strong Foundation for my Future | Day four equips students to begin preparing for marriage by discussing the importance of developing a healthy relationship from the start.

STI (Medical) Day | This presentation by a medical professional is dedicated to educating students on some of the most common Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

For more information, or to schedule us to come and speak in your school, please contact us!