This is a 5-day presentation for high school classrooms, and it can be adapted to a variety of school schedules. The goal of this presentation is to create discussions in high school classrooms on the topics of relationships and sexual activity, emphasizing avoiding sexual activity so students can stay in school, attain a quality education, and begin to focus on goals and dreams. 

This is a presentation for high schools, to support ongoing conversations on the topics of mental health and suicide. It is designed to prompt students to identify who needs them, who loves them, and where they find their value. We believe that when students recognize they are needed, valued and loved, their risk of suicide will decrease and increase students’ optimal health outcome. This presentation was co-produced with Mayfield Counseling Centers

Parent Talks help parents learn why and how to have a conversation with your student(s) about sexual activity, relationships, suicide, and other high-risk behaviors. Our experienced trainer will share with you techniques for creating conversations with your students, and provide you with resources on these topics. This talk will be a great chance to connect with other parents, and leave feeling equipped and empowered as parents.