Parent Talks

Education for a Lifetime [EFL] believes that parents are the greatest influence in the lives of their students. In fact, a recent study found that 52% of children ages 12-15 said their parents carry the most weight when it comes to the topic of sex, and 37% of student’s ages 16-19 agreed. EFL also recognizes that most parents do not often feel equipped to broach the topic of sex and other high-risk behaviors with their children. Therefore, we have designed this Parent Talk to educate and equip parents in connecting with their students and communicating about high-risk behaviors. 

Parent Talk Overview: 

This talk will help parents learn why and how to have a conversation with your student(s) about sexual activity, relationships, suicide, and other highrisk behaviors. Our skilled trainer will share with you techniques for creating conversations with your students, and provide you with resources on these topics. This 1 to 1.5 hour talk will be a great chance to connect with other parents, and leave feeling equipped and empowered!

Here are some of the topics we can cover during our time together:

  • Understanding and connecting with teen culture
  • Pressures teens face (i.e. sexting and pornography)
  • Communicating with your teenager about sex and boundaries in relationships
  • Adolescent brain development
  • Importance of the parental relationship
  • Consequences of sexual activity and abusive relationships 
  • Benefits of teaching sexual risk avoidance 
  • Mental Health and Teen Suicide 

Additional Information: 

  • Parents with children of all ages are invited to come, as this information is not just for parents of middle school and high school parents. 
  • Typically this time is set aside for parents only, and it is encouraged for them to not bring their students. 

If you are interested in hosting a parent talk at your organization, please contact our office at !