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The mission of Education for a Lifetime is to bring whole-person health to all youth in Colorado Springs so they may lead healthy and productive lives.

Since 1992, Education for a Lifetime programs have been offered at no cost to the community. As a 501(c)3 organization, we exist solely through donations, fundraising or grants. With your support we can ensure these programs will continue to serve Colorado Springs and surrounding communities in a comprehensive manner.

Education for a Lifetime programs focus on a whole-person model of health. This model teaches that teen sexual activity affects students emotionally, socially, physically, ethically and mentally. Our programs are designed to encourage and inspire a lifestyle of healthy choices that will lead to behavior change. We seek to empower all teenagers in the Front Range of Colorado to lead healthy and productive lives. We encourage students to avoid all high-risk behavior with an emphasis on avoiding sexual risks so those students can stay in school, attain a quality education and begin to focus on their life goals and dreams.

EFL programs are based on Hawkins & Catalano’s theory of Risk and Protective Factors and use the positive youth development framework for addressing adolescent risk behaviors. This theory states that health risk behaviors are interrelated and have similar root causes. Through collaboration with schools, parents and other community organizations, risk avoidance and risk reduction strategies are implemented thereby encouraging teens to engage in healthier behaviors and cause a downturn in the amount of high-risk behaviors that teenagers exhibit.

Sixty percent of the children from single-parent households live in poverty, as compared to only 11% of children from two-parent families (U.S. Bureau of the Census, 2006). Our goal is to help students form healthy relationships that will eventually lead to stable marriages and less out-of-wedlock births.

The outcomes taught by EFL lead to poverty prevention, crime prevention, drugs and alcohol prevention, teen pregnancy rate reduction and an increased number of teens who graduate from high school and are able to reach their future goals. EFL programs also help teens who are currently sexually active to evaluate the health of their current relationships and encourage them to choose sexual risk avoidance until marriage for their future.

We speak to over 6,000 students each year in most school districts in and around Colorado Springs.